A Guide for Inpatients


Inpatient Reservations and Procedures

Before your inpatient admission
Your doctor will explain the inpatient procedure to you following an outpatient consultation.
Please follow the individual clinical department’s instructions regarding inpatient reservation.
The date reserved for admission is an indicative date only. Please be aware in advance that depending on the current condition of inpatients and emergency patients, the actual admission date may be earlier or later than the reserved date.
Once the admission date is confirmed, the head nurse on the ward will advise you regarding the date and time of admission.
Should you want to change your admission date or cancel your reservation for any reason, please advise the ward you have the reservation with as soon as possible.

The day of your inpatient admission
As a general rule, please submit the following documents to the admission office and complete the inpatient admission procedures before 10 a.m.

  1. Inpatient application form
    Please fill out the necessary information. Please also affix the name and seal of the person responsible for the payment and the joint guarantor section.
  2. Pre-admission medical interview sheet
  3. Inpatient oath
  4. Self-reported statement of your history of inpatient admissions (if applicable)
  5. Health insurance card (should an insurance card not be provided, you may be regarded as a fee-paying patient)
  6. Medical recipient certificate, eligibility certificate for ceiling-amount application (if applicable)
    For anyone who is receiving medical assistance, medical services for rehabilitation, care for disabled children or premature babies, specific diseases, or chronic child diseases etc.
  7. Patient registration card
  8. Personal seal stamp
    During your inpatient stay, there may be tests and operations etc. which will be conducted with your consent. Please bring your personal seal stamp as there will be a requirement to affix your name and seal to consent forms and instructions etc.
  9. Inpatient reservation slip
  10. Consent forms regarding information about the treatment and the usage of test specimens etc. (limited to those who agree).

If you suddenly become unavailable on the reserved date, or you expect to be hugely delayed arriving for the appointment, please contact the hospital ward you have the reservation with.


Items to Prepare (Required Items for Admission)

  1. Nightwear, underwear, non-slip shoes which are easy to put on and take off (comfortable shoes), toiletries, teacup, chopsticks, spoon, towels, bath towels, soap, shampoo & conditioner, a box of tissues, coat hangers, ear phones, any medicine you are currently taking, medicine logbook etc.
  2. If you are going to have an operation, please ask what the required items are as the list is different.
  3. Please put your name on to your personal belongings.
  4. Daily supplies are available at the hospital shop. Please try not to bring too many items.

* Please do not bring electrical appliances (TV, kettle, blanket etc.)
* If you are currently taking any medicines, please also bring them.
* Large amounts of cash or valuables are not required in the hospital. To prevent theft or robbery incidents, please do not bring valuables into the hospital.
* Please use the luggage carts provided near the main entrance.



Breakfast is at around 7 a.m., lunch at around 12 p.m. and dinner at around 6 p.m.
Meals are prepared according to your condition and as per the instructions of your doctor, therefore, please eat the hospital meals.



In principle, companions are not necessary as the medically required care is provided by medical staff.
However, for patients who have just been operated on, those with serious conditions, babies, or infants, family members may be permitted to stay with the patient according to his/her condition and with the permission of their doctor. Please consult the doctor and/or the head nurse on the ward.


Visiting Patients

  1. Anyone visiting the hospital is asked to obtain permission from a nurse on the applicable ward.
    Please be reminded that the visit may temporarily not be permitted on the basis of the patient’s condition.
  2. The visiting hours are from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
    However, the Emergency Medical Care Center visiting hours remain the same on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays as they are on weekdays.
  3. Please try to keep your visit short. Also, please refrain from visiting with small children.
  4. Visitors are requested not to consume any food in the patient’s room or in the canteen etc. on the hospital ward.
  5. For those who visit by car, use of the car park is subject to a fee.
    Please pick up a numbered ticket at the car park entrance gate, get it stamped at the nurses’ station, then complete the discount procedure either at the car park management office or using the discount processing machine located next to the after-hours reception. Any ticket which hasn’t been processed for the discount is subject to the normal rate.
  6. As the main entrance of the hospital will be locked at 5 p.m. on weekdays, anyone leaving the hospital after 5 p.m. is asked to use the after-hours entrance. The main entrance remains closed all day on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, so please use the after-hours entrance.
  7. If you do not wish to receive visitors and/or have your name on the room name plate, please advise a ward nurse.


During Your Stay in the Hospital

  1. To spend your time in the hospital safely, please observe the following (Slips or falls from the hospital bed can happen as a result of your medical condition or as a result of being in an unfamiliar living environment).
    • Please do not stand up on the bed or lean forward from the bed to grab something from the bedside cabinet, as you may lose your balance and fall.
    • Please use the bars placed at each side of the bed.
    • Please wear comfortable, non-slip shoes.
    • If necessary we will lower the position of the bed.
  2. Please comply with the hospital rules in order that you can focus on the treatment.
    In cases of noncompliance with staff instructions and hospital rules etc. during the inpatient stay, patients may be discharged out of necessity.
  3. If you would like a day’s leave or overnight leave from the hospital, you must consult your doctor or nurse and obtain permission.
  4. For you to get enough sleep, we set the time for lights-out at 9 p.m. and your compliance in this regard will be appreciated.
  5. For protection against theft, there is a safe placed in the bedside cabinet.
    Please make sure you lock it when it is in use.
    In any event, please be advised that the hospital will bear no responsibility for money and goods that go missing inside the hospital.
  6. The televisions are operated with a prepaid card system. If you want to use the TV, please purchase a prepaid card from the machines which are placed on each floor.
    If there is any unused credit left on the card after use, please use the refund machine located on the first floor next to the Radiology reception. (The refund will be done in units of 10 yen)
  7. Depending on the operations you require, your medical conditions and the treatment policy etc., we may ask you to move to a different room, ward or hospital. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  8. Patients who are going to be admitted are strictly prohibited from bringing their own cars into the hospital car park.
  9. If you have any concerns regarding your inpatient stay (such as about family matters, expenses, something causing you to worry etc.) please consult the staff at the Medical Counseling Room (located next to the main entrance).
    Also, if you have any worries or concerns about your medical treatment, please do not hesitate to approach your doctor or the nurses.
    The medical safety officer in the Planning Division is also available to talk to. (Please ask the head nurse on the ward for details.)
    If you have any comments about your inpatient stay, please advise a member of hospital staff or put your comments in the suggestion box.
  10. In cases of emergencies such as fire, earthquakes, our staff, doctors and nurses etc., will guide you.
    Please follow staff instructions and evacuate calmly.
  11. If you require a medical certificate for life insurance etc., please prepare your documentation while you are in the hospital and once the date of discharge is confirmed, please submit your application at the documents counter reception, which is located on the first floor of the outpatients ward.
    Please ask at the counter regarding the fees applicable etc. If you have several to request, we ask that you apply for them all at once.
  12. Our hospital operates a residency program which aims for the participants to acquire high-level medical science and health care skills in specialized fields, and also a clinical training program which aims for the acquisition of knowledge and techniques regarding medical care and the self-development of diagnostic ability in accord with advances in medicine.
    We also aim for the acquisition of learning, not only of medical techniques, but also primary care and holistic treatment, and we kindly request your understanding in this regard.
  13. Our hospital is a training facility for nursing students and trainee midwives etc. With your permission, there may be occasions that students may take care of you, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Discharge Procedures

After you receive permission for discharge from your doctor, you will receive an explanation of the discharge procedures.
On the day of your discharge, we will go through the administrative procedures to enable you to leave the hospital, in principle, by 10 a.m. We will appreciate your cooperation with this.


Hospital Charges

  1. Please pay your hospital charges at the accounting counter on the day of your discharge.
    We will advise you of the estimated hospital charges on the day before your discharge to enable you to get the money ready.
    For payment, we accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards.
    If your date of discharge is confirmed suddenly for a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, we will mail you the bill at a later date. Please make the payment in person at our accounting counter or by bank transfer. Also, due to the nature of the accounting process, there may be cases when we need to request an additional payment at a later date. We will appreciate your understanding if this happens.
  2. If you stay in the hospital continuously over a period of months, we will deliver the previous month’s bill to you in the middle of the following month. Please make the payment at the accounting counter before the due date.
  3. If you are unable to make the payment on the day of your discharge or by the due date for any reason, please consult the head nurse on the ward or the accounting counter in advance. Please be sure to take your seal stamp when you meet with the staff.
  4. Please keep your receipts carefully. Should you lose a receipt, we are able to issue a receipt certificate, but please be advised that there is a fee.
  5. In the following cases, you will be required to pay a security deposit during the inpatient admission procedures.
    The security deposit received will be deducted from your bill when you are discharged. Please be sure to show the deposit receipt, which we issue when we receive your security deposit, at the accounting counter when you are discharged.
    * Anyone with neither insurance nor a health insurance card 200,000 yen
    * Childbirth or abortion (12 weeks and after) 300,000 yen
    * Abortion (up to 11 weeks) 100,000 yen
  6. In the following cases, we will charge 10,000 yen for each day of your inpatient stay when you are discharged. In these cases we will issue you with a deposit receipt. Please submit the receipt to the accounting counter next time you visit the hospital.
    * Cases in which we are unable to calculate the treatment fee before the discharge due to a system failure or a power cut etc.
  7. Hospital charges are calculated based on the medical insurance point system.
    However, for the following items, we will charge the actual cost.
    * Expenses related to normal pregnancies, expenses associated with new born babies, private room charges, documentation costs, diaper costs etc.


Private Rooms

If you would like to stay in a private room, please advise a doctor or nurse at the time of your inpatient reservation.


Requests to All

  1. Subject to Article 25 of the Health Promotion Act, smoking is not permitted on the hospital premises. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
  2. Please use mobile phones in designated places. (Please check with a nurse about the designated places.)
    Public phones are located in hospital wards as well as at the entrance hall.
    A fax machine for sending messages is installed on the first floor of the outpatients ward.
  3. ID bands
    We put an ID band around your wrist when you are admitted.
    This is in order to make sure of patient identity and provide medical treatments safely.
    • The ID band can be worn while taking a bath.
    • If the writing on the ID band wears off, please advise the hospital staff and they will reissue the band.
  4. Please take care of your personal belongings.
    Please note that the hospital will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of false teeth or hearing aids.
  5. The use of the hospital car park by inpatients is not permitted.