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International patients(EN)

Information on Medical Consultation

For Those Considering Medical Consultation
Please note that the procedure for medical consultation depends on whether you visit our hospital for HIV consultation for the first time (first visit) or you visit our hospital for the first time for follow-up HIV consultations or have our hospital’s consultation card (return visit).
It is important to note that you should arrive at our hospital early during the following hours on weekdays when you can visit our hospital if the expected date of consultation is uncertain:
Reception hours for first visit :
Reception hours for return visit :
8:20–11:00a.m. (unless you have an appointment)
First Visit
Description of the Regional Medical Liaison Office (in Japanese)
If you have any questions on the day of your visit, please ask an HIV coordinator nurse.
Reception hours :
8:30–17:00 on weekdays
Contact :
Main : 052-951-1111 (extension: 2231)
Direct dial-in : 052-951-1206
*Please be sure to carry your health insurance card with you for the first visit. It is important to note that you may be charged about 10,000 yen or about half a day may be spent, depending on the consultation with a physician. Please be well prepared in advance.
Visits to Other Departments/Dental Treatment
If you wish to visit to other departments of our hospital for conditions other than HIV infection, please talk with your attending physician at the Department of Infectious Diseases or the HIV coordinator nurse. In addition, you can receive dental treatment as usual. However, you should discuss with your attending physician at the Department of Infectious Diseases, as lower levels of CD4+ lymphocytes or other parameters may necessitate the use of prophylactic antibiotics in dental treatment.
Changing Hospitals/Moving
If you plan to change hospitals or move, please talk with your attending physician or the HIV coordinator nurse early. In preparation for moving, the medical certificate describing the history of your medical consultation or change procedures for the social-welfare system that you have used may be necessary.
HIV Support for Foreigners Living in Japan
There are non-governmental organizations or non-profit organizations throughout Japan that provide a wide variety of HIV support for foreigners living in Japan. Telephone counseling is often available for free. Please see the following website.

For details of support for foreigners with HIV infection living in Japan, please click the following link

For details of medical interpretation, please click the following link